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About Us

Empowering Female Athletes: Active Anthem's Veteran-Owned Athletic Brand

At Active Anthem, we stand as a testament to empowerment, resilience, and dedication. As a female veteran-owned company passionately devoted to female athletes, our mission is clear: to create a platform that amplifies the voices of women in sports, while providing them with performance-driven apparel that mirrors their determination.

Designed by Women, for Athletes:

Our foundation rests on the stories of female athletes who shape the sports industry. With a commitment to fostering an environment where women can share their journeys, we empower athletes to make their voices heard. Active Anthem is more than just a brand; it's a movement driven by the aspirations of athletes, for athletes.

Performance Meets Style:

With an unwavering focus on high-performance design, Active Anthem crafts apparel that addresses the unique challenges faced by female athletes. We understand that strength, style, and functionality are paramount, so our technical fabrics and innovative designs ensure that our athletes excel both while training or on your respective playing field.

United in Strength:

Active Anthem is more than a brand; it's a community united by the shared goal of pushing boundaries. If you're a female athlete who seeks to redefine the norms, embrace challenges, and stand tall in the face of adversity, you belong here. Together, we'll showcase to the world the incredible feats that women can achieve.

Elevate Your Performance:

Active Anthem is your partner in progress. Whether you're crushing it in CrossFit, dominating in weightlifting, or taking on high-intensity workouts, we've got your back. Our apparel is designed to empower, support, and uplift, reflecting the warrior spirit that resides within every female athlete.

Join us on this journey of empowerment, self-discovery, and achievement. Active Anthem – Female Athletes Unite | Strength in Numbers #